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ArrayAnalysis offers user-friendly solutions for gene expression data analysis, from raw data to biological pathways. It contains modules of three types that can be lauched individually or successively as an integrated workflow.

[QC & pre-processing] module gathers a complete panel of QC plots and indicators: a variety output plots or tables help you determine sample quality, hybridisation and overall signal quality, signal comparability and bias diagnostic and array correlation. Pre-processing methods combine probe set re-annotation, background correction and normalisation. Currently, modules are available for Affymetrix and Illumina arrays.

[Statistical analysis] module models your gene expression data using a linear model applied at the probe set level. You are given the possibility to custom your analysis and computing several models on a run. For a quick interpretation of the output result, P-Value and Fold change histograms can be computed as well as custom summary tables.

[Pathway analysis] module allows to quickly and easily visualise your statistics results on a biological pathway basis and identify significantly changed processes using PathVisio technology. This module will be activated soon, for now a mock-up module is in place that shows the possibilities using an example data sets.

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We gratefully acknowledge all authors of R/BioConductor packages used by ArrayAnalysis.org.