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ArrayAnalysis - affyAnalysisQC is licensed to you under the Apache License version 2.0.

Download sources

Download the current release of a module for local use:

affyAnalysisQC Quality Control and pre-processing
affyAnalysisStat Statistical analysis of expression data
affyAnalysisPath Pathway analysis of data
illuminaQC Quality Control and pre-processing of Illumina beadchip arrays

Example Affymetrix datasets

Dataset #1 Dataset #2 Dataset #3
raw zip file
description file description_set1.txtdescription_set2.txtdescription_set3.txt
QC report file (PDF) QCreport_set1.pdfQCreport_set2.pdfQCreport_set3.pdf
all QC result files resultsQCresultsQCresultsQC
normalised data for Stat module normalised data tablenormalised data tablenormalised data table

Example Illumina dataset

raw probe dataraw probe data
control datacontrol data
description filedescription file
zip archivezip archive containing all three

Example Gene level statistics dataset for Path Module

gene level statistics datagene level statistics data


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